Fuses and Circuit Protection

Proper sizing of short circuit devices can lead to safe operation of electrical equipment and prevent costly downtime do to overloads and faults.  We offer a broad range of short circuit products capable of handling any application.

Bussman Fuse is recognized as the world leader in fuse protection.  Let us help you properly apply and size fuses for your protection needs.  We can provide:

  • Short Circuit Current Analysis
  • SCCR Panel review and design
  • Arc Flash
  • Coordination Studies

Siemens circuit protection devices are engineered to allow for easy deployment, quick installation and secure protection of industrial devices from excessive current flow. Siemens low voltage circuit protection devices such as, miniature circuit breakers, supplementary protectors and fuse holders, range in performance and style to meet wide-ranging needs.


ABB has the broadest line of Fusible and N0n-Fusible Disconnect Switches in the industry.  From 16A to 1000A enclosed or open style, AIC stocks a wide variety of disconnect switches.


Eaton molded case circuit breakers are designed to provide circuit protection for low voltage distribution systems. Providing protection again overload in conductors and short circuits in connected apparatus, such as motors and motor starters.